Web Scraping & Data Harvesting

The web can be an absolute goldmine for data, but sometimes manually searching for and processing this data by hand is not sufficient. This is where automation comes in. Whether you're looking to simply extract data from a website or perform in depth analytic and statistics building, we can provide the solution you're looking for.

Drawing on our extensive experience in the field of data mining and web scraping, we provide high performance custom coded automated scraping software built specifically for your needs. Data can be harvested from anywhere your browser can reach, be it a simple static website, authenticated source or even as a result of interacting with a form or search tool. Depending on your preference, the scraper can be built to run on a desktop, server or mobile environment (Android only) and can output to a file format of your choosing, direct to a database or even post to an API, meaning you can easily integrate it with your existing operations and code.

All scrapers will be provided as fully tested against the site at the time of writing, and should the source site change it's structure in future or your needs evolve, we offer a discount on all future modifications.

To find out more contact us at sales@software13.co.uk or for a limited time we are offering this service as a fixed price package through PeoplePerHour if you already know exactly what you want.

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