Freejack was a J2ME application for mobile devices that allowed the user to push messages over bluetooth technology to other nearby devices, a process known as Bluejacking. Development of this free software first began in 2003 as a proof of concept, utilizing the MIDP 1.0 standard primarily on the first generation J2ME Motorola and later the Nokia 6600 handsets. Development was carried out with the extensive input and help of the active bluejacking community who enthusiastically tested various builds of the software on their own devices with varying results.


It’s important to note that FreeJack will NEVER work on modern handsets.
The technology behind it is far too dated and the loophole that was used in this proof of concept has since been closed.

There is currently no publicly available version of Freejack available. There are a number of historical test builds floating around the internet still, but these have little or no end user functionality and most of which were time or handset restricted in order to limit the distribution of buggy development code.

There are also a number of sites that claim to offer Freejack, some of which even charging for it. As far as I have been able to tell most, if not all of these are fake and are in fact malicious pieces of software.

Owing to the potentially exploitative nature of the software, people wishing to obtain Freejack are advised to get in touch with us via our contact form only as we will only release builds and code on an individual basis. Sorry, but far too many people were doing far too many dodgy things with it, and that’s not why it was created.