Showing python projects

Restaurant Zone

I was contracted refactor and rebuild this web application from AngularJS into Angular2 and work with another developer in restructuring the backend Python based API. In addition to this I also implemented a new design for the public areas of the site.

The end result was a lightning fast, extremely stable and efficient application - and a very happy client!


RockTome is designed to be a full featured distribution and showcasing platform for independent musicians and labels, allowing them to publish their work easily across multiple digital platforms. It includes integration with echonest for up to date artist metrics.

Behind the scenes it also makes use of django-rest to provide an API which is then made available to a number of analytic and data processing packages.


NeoNotes was a simplistic web application which allows the easy creation and sharing of virtual sticky notes. It started out life as a proof of concept, but quickly grew into a useful application which I used in-house for some time to store and share developer notes and code snippets with clients. It featured an early example of social network integration including signup and sign in support from Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn, with the ability to easily share notes on those platforms. The site also included a mobile version designed for smaller screens.


I was contracted as the primary developer on Dooster.net, one of the leading cloud based project management applications. Initially I was tasked with picking up where the previous developers left off, completing and bug fixing the work and getting the product production ready. After it's official launch I provided adhoc development work on new features and maintenance for a number of years.

It’s absolutely packed full of features including gantt charts, Google syncing, time tracking and much much more, it’s a must for anyone who want’s to stay organised!