Showing javascript projects

Restaurant Zone

I was contracted refactor and rebuild this web application from AngularJS into Angular2 and work with another developer in restructuring the backend Python based API. In addition to this I also implemented a new design for the public areas of the site.

The end result was a lightning fast, extremely stable and efficient application - and a very happy client!

Mindfull and BeatBullying

BeatBullying was an international charity organisation which operating two services (Mindfull and BeatBullying) aimed at reducing bullying and offering online counselling and mentoring services to young people. During my time working with them I contributed heavily towards improving their award winning web platform which was built primarily using Django.


NeoNotes was a simplistic web application which allows the easy creation and sharing of virtual sticky notes. It started out life as a proof of concept, but quickly grew into a useful application which I used in-house for some time to store and share developer notes and code snippets with clients. It featured an early example of social network integration including signup and sign in support from Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn, with the ability to easily share notes on those platforms. The site also included a mobile version designed for smaller screens.

SpanishVerbs for Android

Designed from the ground up as a learning aid, you can use it to quickly search and browse through a huge library of verbs either by the verb itself or it’s English translation. For each verb the app will then show you the most common conjugations along with an English example, as well as showing which conjugations are regular or irregular.

It’s available now on Google Play, Samsung Apps and the Amazon Kindle store in both free and premium versions.


I was tasked with assisting the team at Flickathon in finishing the initial beta development of their unique social movie website. The site integrates tightly with Facebook and allows users to recommend (and get recommended) film marathons to watch based on their preferences. It was a great app to work on, and a lot of fun!