Who we are

Software 13 is a software consultancy which aims to provide more for our clients than a traditional software development house. Based in sunny Barcelona, Spain and with offices in Brighton, UK, we team of creative individuals who thrive on finding and solving new challenges and furthering our knowledge. We're very passionate about our work and are careful to pick projects that not only fall within our areas of technical expertise, but are ones which we find truly engaging, challenging and fun to work on.

We feel that software is more than just code.  It can be used to illustrate whole new worlds for gamers to engage with, organise and serve trillions of bytes of information on any subject, bring you the news on your phone and even show you this website. Good software can make your life easier, but equally, bad software can bring an otherwise profitable business to it's knees or squander otherwise fantastic ideas.

This is why we take a more involved approach to our work, we aim to be a development partner and be as involved as we possibly can, taking the time to fully understand your project and business surrounding it and ensuring that every angle is covered. We take a huge amount of pride in our work and adhere to strict coding standards and practices, including allowing time to review and improve our code fully before it's released. We can consult with you, providing possibilities and strategies to turn your ideas into a working plan and then, when you're ready, build it and even deploy it for you and help you ensure that a suitable support plan is in place if you need it.

We know that your ideas deserve to be brought to life in the best way possible, and we're here to make that happen.  If you've got a project you'd like us to work on, contact us using the details at the bottom of this page, we'd love to hear from you!

The History

I’ve always had a passion for programming, as long back as I can remember. From my early days of writing my own games in BASIC on my old Amstrad CPC back in the '80s, to teaching myself C in my teens, I’ve always sought out new and interesting technical challenges to get my teeth into.

Software 13 started life back in 2001 as a part time venture.  At the time I was working as a software engineer for DHL, working primarily on their parcel tracking system for Ireland.  The work was generally very engaging and I learned a lot during my time there, but I found myself looking for a way to explore technologies and gain experience in other areas of software development I wasn't being exposed to in this role.  So I started the company in my spare time, purposefully taking on work in areas and langauges I found interesting.

In 2005 and 2006 I released two applications, Freejack and Dissident DJ.  The former was a Java based application for the then current range of handsets (it was primarily developed and tested on my Nokia 6600) which exploited a loophole in the current Bluetooth standards, allowing the user to send a fake SMS message to any Bluetooth enabled devices within range.  The latter was a Windows based DJ application that allowed users to effectively emulate a traditional mixing desk from their PC or laptop, sourcing audio from both CDs and mp3 files.  Both of these applications began to gain traction (Dissident DJ was noteably adopted and used by a number of DJs and promoters in and around London), and on the strength of these I began getting a lot of requests for work, most of which I had to turn away.

It wasn't until 2008 that I decided to bite the bullet and operate Software 13 full time, and since then it has expanded into a team of dedicated, like minded developers hand picked by myself.  In 2010 we relocated from London to Brighton and again in 2013 we made the jump to Barcelona.

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work on a wonderful variety of projects, ranging from multimedia and database driven desktop apps, high performance web based apps, mobile applications, games and video applications and beyond, and I can safely say I've loved every second of it.

- Mark Skelton, Founder of Software 13