Software expertise you can count on

The Problem

It's the same story I often hear from my clients over and over again, you've got great ideas and ambitions but you find your business is being constantly bogged down by the day to day stuff. You just don't have the time to look into it, do the research, draw up the plans, there's barely enough hours in the day to do what you do now. Wouldn't it be fantastic if there was someone out there who could just build everything for you?

The Solution

Since 2008 I have been providing a complete 'CTO on demand' service for my clients, conducting the duties that would normally be performed by a Chief Technology Officer on an as-needed basis. Whether it's building tools and automation to improve your existing business practices, or designing, managing and building the technology behind your next venture, my clients know that they can count on me to deliver.

With almost two decades of commercial experience behind me and extensive experience in all aspects of software development, it's no wonder my clients keep coming back.


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